Tour d' Horizon

Tour d’ Horizon

Fossil teeth from an ancient mammoth shark. A unicorn’s horn in ivory. A 16th C. KunstKammer a Cabinet of Curiosities, Renaissance status symbols. Unusual and fascinating historical objects from the Americas, Asia, India. Silk Route caravans bring treasures from China. Galleons returning with riches from the Spice Islands, Japan and the Pacific. Year long voyages on horseback, camel or elephants… Sailing the seven seas…

Wood propellers like a century ago. British mail boxes from a mail steamer. Models of library steps from the Bibliothèque National’s reading room. Finding a home on your book shelf. Grand Hotel coat hangers and leather key fobs. Geometric sculptures in noble metals and precious wood. Wood and brass shotgun shell models as a penstand. Lewis&Clark spyglasses. Bounty’s captain Bligh’s lifeboat compass. Jot down your interests and art on our ArtNotes, uniquely designed. Used as message, greeting, thank-you or simply note-card. Record these moments rare and precious.

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