Tell your own story in jewelry from  Explore the collection of Tracy Arrington jewelry that includes sterling silver bracelets, earrings, and necklaces from multiple collections to suit many tastes.  Also explore fashion jewelry collection that includes bolo bracelets and bangle bracelets, as well as bead bracelets.  LuxGiftsnGoods also features a unique collection of ancient Roman glass jewelry.  Find your perfect fit with our many sterling silver jewelry pieces.

Bring in the Bling: Tell Your Story in Jewelry

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Bring in the Bling: Tell Your Story in Jewelry

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Bring in the Bling: Tell your Story in Jewelry

How do you tell your story as America gets back to work post pandemic?  Some of us will still be working remotely and conducting multiple meetings via Zoom or Facechat.  Others of use will be returning to a traditional office environment.  The pandemic has been dehumanizing on so many levels keeping many of us from being our best former selves.  The jewelry that you wear helps to tell your personal story, reflect your values and sets you apart from others.

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Tracy Arrington Studios jewelry featured in above photo.

Gemstone jewelry with semiprecious stones such as the ones below can reflect a birth stone, reflect a personal style and or life milestone or make a statement that you are here and ready to present in full peacock form.  Personal jewelry reflects your own personal journey.  Jewelry can also represent a memory of a special someone who gifted the jewelry such as a parent or grandparent or special someone in your life.

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Jewelry also can tell the story of your past travels.  My own family would vacation in Daytona Beach for much of our childhood.  Having a nautilus shell from similar nautical or ocean theme can bring back those memories of days gone by when life was much simpler and easier.

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One’s religious faith can be held close to one’s heart or shared with the world with expressive Christian or Judaica jewelry perhaps manufactured from reconstituted ancient Roman glass.

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In closing, expressing our authentic selves and telling our story helps to develop our own personal brand.  That same brand leaves a lasting impression to the world.  Use jewelry to tell who you are and make yourself memorable to the world from your own precious memories.