If you’re dreaming of the waves, the gentle sway of a ship, and the vast horizon of the ocean before you, you’re probably considering an ocean cruise. As with any vacation, the details matter. This guide will help you navigate the ocean of options to ensure your next cruise is the experience of a lifetime.

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  1. Determine Your Budget

Before you dive into the specifics, know how much you’re willing to spend. Cruises can vary widely in price based on the destination, duration, cruise line, and type of cabin. Establishing a budget upfront helps narrow your choices.

  • Economy: For those on a tighter budget, inside cabins (without windows) are usually the most economical.
  • Deluxe: If you’re willing to pay more, a balcony cabin or suite can provide an unforgettable oceanfront view.

Remember, your cruise fare typically includes meals, basic beverages, and entertainment. However, there are often additional costs, such as excursions, specialty restaurants, and spa services.

  1. Decide on Duration

Cruises can last anywhere from a short weekend getaway to world cruises lasting over 100 days. Determine how much time you’re willing to commit. For first-timers, a shorter cruise might be a great way to test the waters.


  1. Select Your Destination

The beauty of cruising is the variety of destinations available:

  • Tropical Paradises: Think Caribbean islands, South Pacific, or Hawaii.
  • Cultural Hotspots: Mediterranean cruises offer stops in historic cities like Rome, Athens, and Barcelona.
  • Cold Climate Adventures: Explore Alaska or journey to Antarctica for something truly unique.

Make a list of must-visit places and check cruise itineraries that cover them.

  1. Cruise Line and Ship Choices

Different cruise lines cater to different types of travelers:

  • Family Cruises: Lines like Disney and Royal Caribbean are kid-friendly, with lots of activities for younger travelers.
  • Luxury Cruises: Brands like Seabourn and Regent Seven Seas offer a more upscale, inclusive experience.
  • Adventure Cruises: For those seeking adventure, consider smaller expedition cruise lines that can access more remote areas.

Take the time to research ships as well. Newer ships often have the latest amenities, while older ones might offer a more intimate feel.

  1. Onboard Activities

Consider what you want to do on the ship. Most modern cruise ships are like floating cities with endless entertainment options:

  • Entertainment: Broadway-style shows, live music, movies, and more.
  • Activities: Rock climbing, water parks, and even zip-lining on some ships.
  • Relaxation: Spas, adult-only pools, and serene deck spaces.

  1. Dining Options

Cruise ships are renowned for their culinary offerings. Some questions to consider:

  • Do you prefer formal dining or a more casual setting? Some ships have set dining times, while others offer flexible dining.
  • Specialty restaurants? These often cost extra but offer a more premium culinary experience.
  1. Off-ship Excursions

One of the highlights of cruising is visiting multiple destinations without the hassle of changing hotels. Research the excursions available:

  • Adventure: Snorkeling, hiking, or zip-lining.
  • Cultural: Museum tours, historic sites, and local performances.
  • Relaxation: Beach days or scenic drives.

Always compare the cruise line’s excursion prices with local tour operators for the best deal.

  1. Check Reviews and Testimonials

It’s always wise to hear from fellow travelers. Websites like CruiseCritic can offer insights, reviews, and tips from seasoned cruisers. You’ll get a better understanding of the experience and even uncover some hidden gems.

  1. Know What’s Included

Not all cruises are all-inclusive. Some might charge for things like WiFi, alcohol, and even some on-board activities. Always check what’s included in your fare to avoid surprise bills.

  1. Time of Year Matters

Consider the season when booking. Some regions have high seasons due to better weather, while others might be more affordable but riskier in terms of weather disturbances. For instance, the Caribbean is popular in winter but also has a hurricane season from June to November.


Choosing the best ocean cruise for you is about aligning your dream vacation with your budget, interests, and desired destinations. By considering the above factors, you’ll be well on your way to booking the perfect oceanic escape. Safe travels and smooth seas ahead!  Shop LuxGiftsnGoods.com for some unique travel opportunities including luxury cruises from Princess Cruises.