Corporate Gifts:  Loyalty Gifts for the Loyal Client

by: CEO & Founder Michael J. Mills

When do you give a corporate gift or closing gift to reward your loyal client?  If you have an ongoing relationship with a business that is providing you with significant income whether once or many times, it is always good practice to say “Thank You” in some fashion. Some loyalty and corporate gifts are given during the holiday season only in the form of gift baskets or other gourmet food products. Why not also consider giving these sorts of gifts in the other 11 months where they may be more appreciated and more remembered? features Bruce Julian Heritage Foods that offer a variety of unique, artisan, individual and grouped items that make an ideal gift any time of year.

Examples include Couch Mix, artisan peanut brittles, Bloody Mary Mix, Pecan Pie with out the Pie and the Kickback Kit featured below:


It is also important to consider whether the company owner will be enjoying your gift or whether the gift will be enjoyed by the employees. The goal of corporate gifting is to create loyalty and generate future business either from that customer or future business in the form of referrals.  Corporate gifts can also be a way of letting everyone in a business know that they are appreciated.  So, a box of a specific and special item that is widely enjoyed may be an option.

An example of something that could be given monthly is The Saucy Ladies Kettle Chips boxes that are available for bulk purchase.  (See )


There are also times when the corporate gift needs to be an item that will not be consumed and then discarded. Items such as clocks, office and desk accessories will not only be functional but provide a visual daily reminder of the business relationship. I believe it also be to good practice when possible and appropriate to the item being gifted to have a small and tastefully designed sticker stating “Compliments of” and then the name of the organization or person doing the gifting.  This sticker can be placed on the back or bottom or inside of the item so as not to detract from the item’s aesthetics.

See the Bey Berk desk sets featured below:


See the unique desk clock from Authentic Models below:



Lastly, a business needs to have an inexpensive but useful gift on the ready that appeals to a variety of recipients.  The USGA compliant Tee-Fork golf tee and divet repair tool is ideal for its compact size and weight for easy mailing.  The Tee-Fork will fit into a briefcase or car console or glove box when a business owner needs to say “Thank You” at a moment’s notice.  (See )  These can also be imprinted with your company or event logo.



Marketing by saying “Thank You” with loyalty gifts is an ongoing way to say “Thank You” to those clients that have made a positive difference to your business bottom line that will hopefully keep them coming back to you and your business for years to come.