I watched my mother try to please her mother-in-law for the duration of her 45 year marriage to my father. It seemed that no matter what the Christmas or birthday gift was or the effort or thought behind the gift there was always something about the gift that was always wrong vs. right. My grandmother even would give me gifts to return months later after the fact, which in turn, did nothing to improve the relationship with her daughter-in-law.

Why not ask? What do you want for Christmas? What do you want for your birthday? It is possible to still surprise someone if you offer several options of something that you are considering giving them. If you don’t have any idea whatsoever to give, ask the intended recipient to give you some options and then provide some examples. While gift certificates and gift cards and even cash can be an easy out to this problem, those sorts of gifts, while showing the thought, don’t show a particular amount of effort on the part of the gift giver.

What are the recipient’s interests? What does that person need? What does that person enjoy? Does that person have any health limitations such as diabetes or food allergies? I do think that gourmet foods that are more difficult to source can be a great in-law gift provided that the party receiving them enjoys that type of food. A combination gift basket such as one shown below from Ass Kickin’ Southwest Specialty Foods provides a great example of something the recipient and enjoy, as well as a spouse and/ or other family members.



Does the recipient like to cook? Do they enjoy grilling? Providing unique and hard to source ingredients or functional and well made cookware can provide an enjoyable gift that can last not one but several seasons and aid in making family memories for the future. See the Fiero Barbecue Tools from Picnic Time and Karvelas Extra Virgin Olive Oil that are both available at LuxGiftsnGoods.com.

Lastly, a practical and functional gift such as a Safe-T designer fire extinguisher shown in the “Wine” design from and accompanying wall bracket from LuxGiftsnGoods.com can make a functional and beautiful gift, provide a safer home and kitchen environment and provide an ongoing reminder of thoughtfulness that can be seen as well as used. A Rolser Shopping Trolley from LuxGiftsnGoods.com is also a functional, beautiful and practical gift that will no doubt be used by its recipient.

Gifts are as unique as the persons receiving them. LuxGiftsnGoods.com offers 5000+ gifts from 50+ vendors shipped direct to you. Please consider us for your personal, corporate and closing gifts as we strive to be the best e-commerce retailer on the internet. Please do contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions about our offerings.