Gourmet Food & Gift Baskets

Gourmet Food & Gift Baskets

Gourmet Food & Gift Baskets


Where can you find that special gift basket that will leave a wonderful lasting impression on its recipient?

Shop Lux Gifts and Goods for Gourmet Food & Gift Baskets.  In addition, explore our gourmet, artisan food brands:

-- Ass Kickin' Southwest Specialty Foods

-- Brittle Brothers Brittle

-- Bruce Julian Heritage Foods

-- DeBrand Fine Chocolate

-- Ethel M Chocolates

​-- Karvelas Extra Virgin Olive Oil

-- Lauku Organic Tea

-- Nature's Kitchen

-- Texas Toffee Queen

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​Ass Kickin' Chili & Corn Bread Gift Set   All the components you need to create ..
Ass Kickin' Gift Basket   Five of the best Ass Kickin’ products we make go into..
Ass Kickin' Hot Salt Variety 9 Pack   Give your next dish a little Ass Kickin’ ..
Ass Kickin' Peanuts Variety Six Pack   Ass Kickin’ Variety 6 pack 4.25 oz. Grea..
Ass Kickin' Ass Family Gift Set   Lux Gifts and Gifts offers Ass Kickin Southwest Spe..
Ass Kickin' Hot Sauce in a Wooden Crate Lux Gifts and Goods offers four of our famous Ass Kic..
Ass Kickin' Microwave Popcorn Set in 6 flavors   Lux Gifts and Goods offers Ass Kicki..
Bruce Julian Baker's Basket   Our Sweet & Sassy Quick Bread & Muffin Mix is s..
​Bruce Julian Balsamic Sweet Onion Jam -- 13 oz. size   13-oz cut glass (save the glass!)..
Bear Hugs Gift Basket   Lux Gifts and Goods is pleased to offer a variety of luxury gift ..
Bloody Mary Classic Rimmer - 4 oz. size   Bruce Julian  Bloody Mary Classic Rimmer c..
​​Bruce Julian Heritage Foods Brunch in a Basket   Everything you need to create the perf..
​Carolina Couch Mix - 10 oz. size     Since we don’t do much trail hiking t..
Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Fudge Nut Brownies   Lux Gifts and Goods is pleased to off..
Tangy Coffee BBQ Saucinade   Our Tangy Coffee BBQ Saucinade is the newest addition to ou..
Deluxe Godiva Chocolate Tower   Lux Gifts and Goods is pleased to offer a variety of luxu..