Diamond Bracelets

Diamond Bracelets

Diamond Bracelets


Lux Gifts and Goods is proud to offer a comprehensive selection of fine jewelry consisting of diamonds, pearls and/ or precious stones individually or in combination.

Click on the link below to explore our luxury, artisan, jewelry collection.  Shop Lux Gifts and Goods for that special piece of jewelry.

                                            -- Pearl Bracelets

-- Diamond Earrings           -- Pearl Earrings

-- Diamond Necklaces         -- Pearl Necklaces

-- Diamond Rings                -- Pearl Pendants

                                              -- Pearl Rings

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14K White Gold Brilliant Cut   Please email at with any ques..
Abundance Cuff Bracelets in Sterling and 18 karat plate   Lux Gifts and Goods is pleased ..
Diamond & Sapphire 14K White Gold 4.03cttw Bracelet 14K White Gold 4.03 Carat Tota..
Diamond & Sapphire 14K White Gold 6.01cttw Bracelet 14K White Gold 6.01 Carat Total Wei..
Diamond & Sapphire 14K White Gold 7.24cttw Model AFC-B42-C 14K White Gold 11 Sapphires ..
Diamond Bracelet 14K White Gold 3.0cttw Model AFC-SB927 3.0 Carat Total Weight 14K White Go..