Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Stave Basket Shoe Shine Kit


Our artisans have create the ultimate shoe shine kit, full of high quality shoe care products in a wooden basket  handcrafted from reclaimed bourbon barrels, fresh from the distilleries of Bourbon County Kentucky.  After the bourbon barrel has fulfilled its duties atop the Rick houses of Kentucky aging American Bourbon, our maker artisans repurpose the bourbon barrel staves into these beautiful wood baskets.  Shop Lux Gifts and Goods for that special gift for the discerning lady and discriminating gentleman.

Being shoe snobs ourselves, we’ve packed the bourbon barrel basket with premium shoe care products including:

  •     Black, Brown, Neutral Shoe Polish
  •     (2) Horsehair Small Bristle Polishing Brushes
  •     (2) Horsehair Small Bristle Daubing Brushes
  •     (2) Fine Final Polishing Cloths

The bourbon barrel wood basket used in this shoe shine kit began its life in the foothills of the Ozarks as virgin oak: was harvested and formed by Cooperage maker’s into barrels; fire charred in the center; and filled with clear liquid to set atop a rick house in Kentucky waiting for time, temperature and pressure swings to work the clear alcohol into the charred wood fibers.  Four years later, the smooth Kentucky Bourbon was emptied and we purchased the used barrel.

This premium shoe shine kit, in a reclaimed bourbon barrel basket is sure to be a hit for the person who has everything, yet appreciates rare, unique, handcrafted goods with a story. 

  •     Bourbon Barrel Stave Basket Size:  12"L x 7"W x 4"H
  •     Premium Shoe Care Products: Shoe Polish, Brushes, Polishing Rags 
  •     Makes a Unique Father’s Day, Graduation, Groomsmen, or Birthday Gift 
  •     Made from Reclaimed Bourbon Barrels from Kentucky
  •     Handcrafted in USA