Rolser Shopping Trolley Imax Cala Convert RG Bl/N


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Times change but our obsession remains the same: making our day-to-day easier. Shopping trolleys are becoming lighter in weight, providing more options…RG  has an extra-light design, a minimum weight and the option of folding the forward metal part for an easier storage. Thicker wheels which give a more actual image and a better stability. Product Dimensions: 40,9 x 16,2 x 12,8 Inch. Weigth: 4,6 lbs. Max load: 100 pounds. Wipe clean. ROLSER looks after you… Maximum comfort and a concern for health have formed part of ROLSER’s philosophy from the start, because carrying weight incorrectly is one of the mail causes of back injuries. For this reason, using a ROLSER trolley for your shopping or to carry big loads helps you to look after yourself. ROLSER looks also after the planet…Did you know that plastic bags take 500 years to biodegrade and disappear from the surface of our planet? Every year each of us uses more than 300 of them. You do the maths! ROLSER thinks that everyone should have their own means of transport to use and reuse a thousand times making a trolley the most responsible way of doing your daily shopping.

Feature : 

  • Backpack shape with a back pocket and double inner pocket
  • Draw closure. Large capacity
  • Metal and practical foldable base
  • Two wheel shopping trolley. Practical and compact
  • Easy to store
  • Light and modern
  • High quality and solid. 
  • Protects your health

Specification :

  • Bag:100% polyester Chassis:Aluminium
  • 2 wheels
  • Metal and practical foldable base
  • Maximum Load: 100 LB
  • Bag dimensions:  25x9x13 inch
  • Product dimension: 40,9×16,2×12,8 inch
  • Assembly Required? N
  • Distressed Finish? N
  • Country of Manufacture : SPAIN
  • No Returns

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