Shade Grown Mexican

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100 Points – Cup of Luxury’s shade grown Mexican coffee boasts a nice medium body with mild acidity and balanced notes of earth, delicate fruit and spice overtones. Finishes beautifully with smooth, smoky, almond notes.

Special Note:

Production of our shade grown Mexican coffee is considered traditional in that de-pulping is handled at the farms by hand using "cranked devices" then the coffee is fermented overnight, washed, and dried on mats in the sun. This sophisticated profile finishes into a mild and clean aftertaste.

The dry grounds have a nuttiness that you should expect from a fine Mexican coffee, but it’s sweet like marzipan and roasted almond. There’s a burned sugar smell too, that verges on caramel. Adding hot water brings up some discernible smells of baking spices as well as unrefined, muscovado sugar, and dried banana. Flavors of toasted nut and brown sugar reverberate throughout the cup profile. Fruit accents like blackberry and apple are present as well, but are subtle in the background.


Cup of Luxury’s coffees are known as the ultimate luxury lifestyle brand of coffee. Part of what contributes to our success is that we ensure each coffee is handcrafted with a distinctive roast profile.

five-star rated

Each coffee is judged by an independent, 34-member international panel comprised of world-class chefs, sommeliers and connoisseurs. Only coffees that have been awarded five-stars by unanimous approval are allowed in our offerings.

Roasted On Order

Our clients deserve only the freshest coffee experience available. Honoring this tradition means guaranteeing that we will only roast coffees when they are ordered.

100 Point coffees

We rely on the passion and expertise of our judges — the independent, 34-member international panel comprised of world-class chefs, sommeliers and connoisseurs. Much like the process to earn our five-star rating only coffees that are judged to be 100 points are allowed in our offerings.

Small Batches

We believe in celebrating time-honored traditions. We can say unequivocally that drum roasting our coffees in small batches is the most excellent method of roasting. This process assures our clients that their coffees will be roasted perfectly. No undercooked coffee beans. No imbalance in the roasting. Only beautifully caramelized, perfect coffee beans for our clients.