Magisso Tea Cups

Thanks to the triangle bottom, it is easy to adjust the strength of tea depending on your taste without making a mess with our Tea Cup from Lux Gifts and Goods.

  • Colors: Snow White
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Material: Food grade plastic.
  • Designed for Magisso by Laura Bougdanos and Vesa Jääskö.


Do you want a perfect cup of tea? We do.

The Magisso Tea cup makes enjoying tea nice and simple. This is how you do it: Just tilt the Magisso Tea cup so that the filter side of the cup is lower. Then place tea leaves into the filter, pour hot water until leaves are covered and let it steep for a while. By tilting the Magisso Tea cup the other way, tea doesn’t get any stronger. Now tea is ready to be enjoyed while leaves in the strainer spread their natural fragrance.

Best solutions grow from personal frustration.  When Maggisso was established in 2008 in Helsinki, the company had  a burning passion to make meaningful design and international business.

Over 20 design awards later Magisso still thrives from that same passion.  For us every obstacle is an opportunity. We are driven by desire to solve problems and create beautiful designs.

We are multi-awarded lifestyle brand creating problem solving design items for home and hospitality. Magisso – for passion, beauty and better living.

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