Fire Extinguishers

Designer Fire Extinguishers


See our Designer Fire Extinguishers from Safe-T in a variety of finishes and colors at Lux Gifts and GoodsFire extinguishers make a wonderful house warming gift or closing gift for that special deserving recipient.

Safe-T are chic, stylish and uniquely designed fire extinguishing devices.  Dusty red bottles tagged with instructions is probably not your thing and a fire extinguisher is for sure not the highlight of your interior, correct?  Safe-T are attractive and elegantly designed fire extinguishing devices meant to spice up any interior and keep you safe.  Built per the strictest CE norms and made from the highest quality materials, Safe-T are the swankiest fire extinguishers you’ll ever own, dressed up for show and ready to be exposed!

Lux Gifts and Goods offers a wonderful variety of distinctive products for corporate gifts, closing gifts and unique luxury gifts for the discriminating buyer.

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