Timmy Woods Luxury Bag Boutique

Timmy Woods is a globally renowned premiere handbag designer whose custom and one-of-a-kind wooden and leather handbags have been showcased internationally on television, in print, in select online stores both major and boutique, and on runways and red carpets.

Timmy Woods designer handbags have gained extreme popularity and acclaim in the fashion world, as well as on many programs, including the Jupiter Shop Channel in Japan, TVSN Australia, HSN, QVC USA, and the Thai Home Shopping Network, to name a few.

When it comes to designing personalized unique handbags, Timmy has become a preeminent fashion pioneer and a household name – Timmy’s designs have been worn or shown in many fashion spreads, red carpet events and galas, as well as many Hollywood premieres. Timmy has a design for everyone, from affordable fashion accessories, to impressive one-of-a-kind Swarovski crystal-studded gems like the White House handbag.

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