Bloody Mary Mix Weekender — One Gallon


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  • Our Weekender is the ideal size (One-Gallon) for your tailgating party, weekend getaway, and brunch with family and friends. 
  • Don’t forget to try our Bloody Mary Rimmer and other delicious products!
Bruce Julian Bloody Mary Mix is an all-natural, North Carolina-handcrafted, Southern Classic.  Finally, here’s a truly sophisticated mixer that starts out sweet and finishes savory, with just enough heat, and tastes like homemade every time. Try it on its own or slosh in a little vodka (we like tomato or cucumber flavor!); prime your glass with Bruce’s own rimmer; garnish with a piece or two of our Sassy Okra; and kick back: Our delicious blend instantly conjures a lazy Sunday morning on the porch, no matter where you happen to be doing your sipping. 

With each bottle and tin, we honor Milton Julian, legendary men’s clothier and Bruce’s father, who brought the Oxford button-down shirt and khaki look to the South. We’re captivated by Milton’s enigmatic smile and dapper dress in this 1938 photo. 

Bruce is a native son of Chapel Hill and a second-generation haberdasher—that’s his dad, local menswear legend Milton Julian (as seen in 1938), on our label.  Today, Bruce owns and operates Bruce Julian Clothier in Charlotte, NC, where friends and customers have been stopping by for years to chew the fat, admire his renowned antique toy collection, and savor his signature Bloody Mary—a secret recipe he perfected over decades of travel and dedicated market research (i.e.: lots of Bloody Mary drinking). So Bruce and his wife Bonnie finally decided to answer the question people have been asking for years: “When are you guys going to get serious and start selling this stuff?”  Along with their partner Paul, they launched Bevs and Bites, LLC, and set out to slake the world’s thirst, one delicious cold drink at a time. The response has been amazing. Restaurateurs, grocers, and specialty shop owners from Savannah to New York City tell us Bruce Julian Bloody Mary Mix is flying off their menus and shelves. People just can’t believe their taste buds: How did Bruce bottle a Bloody Mary that’s better than what even the best bartenders serve?
Bruce Julian Bloody Mary Mix and Rimmer are all natural. We go out of our way to bring you only fresh, quality ingredients. Our Bloody Mary Mix does not contain high fructose corn syrup, MSG, Red Dye 40, artificial colors, artificial flavors, xanthan gum, artificial sweeteners, sulfiting agents, potassium sorbate, or sodium benzoate. And, our Bloody Mary Mix is lower in sodium than others. Our delicious mix will have you reaching for a second glass.