What is a great cure for the winter blues?  This can vary from person to person and from region to region within the United States.  There are some who relish the cold, crisp weather and grey skies and some who seek eternal sunshine.  LuxGiftsnGoods.com features 5,000+ choices for home, women, men and pets including new offerings for gourmet foods and wellness.  Comfort foods are a great way to raise one’s spirits during the winter months or any months.

Consider the Salty Ladies Kettle Chips in 7 flavors and 2 sizes that are recently available for bulk purchase. See:   https://luxgiftsngoods.com/products/food-wellness/gourmet-foods/saucy-ladies-kettle-chips/

Bruce Julian Heritage Foods has introduced a variety of four brittles that provide a delicious and unique snack.   There are 4 tasty and unique flavors as featured below:

See Bacon Bourbon Barrel Stout Brittle at:  https://www.luxgiftsngoods.com/shop/food-wellness/gourmet-foods/bruce-julian-heritage-foods/bacon-bourbon-barrel-stout-peanut-brittle/



See Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter Brittle:  https://www.luxgiftsngoods.com/shop/food-wellness/gourmet-foods/bruce-julian-heritage-foods/chocolate-peanut-butter-porter-peanut-brittle/




See our India Pale Ale Peanut Brittle: https://www.luxgiftsngoods.com/shop/food-wellness/gourmet-foods/bruce-julian-heritage-foods/india-pale-ale-peanut-brittle/



See our Coffee Stout Peanut Brittle: https://www.luxgiftsngoods.com/shop/food-wellness/gourmet-foods/bruce-julian-heritage-foods/coffee-stout-brittle/

Consider also the Kickback Kit and Bloody Mary Mix for a special brunch or treat any time of day.  See:  https://luxgiftsngoods.com/shop/food-wellness/gourmet-foods/bruce-julian-heritage-foods/bruce-julian-heritage-foods-kick-back-kit/



See:  https://luxgiftsngoods.com/shop/food-wellness/gourmet-foods/bruce-julian-heritage-foods/bloody-mary-mix-weekender-one-gallon/

What urban dweller doesn’t need something to make their busy lives easier?  The Rolser shopping trolleys that are suitable for both women and men in a variety of colors and designs provide a stylish and utilitarian solution to moving your personal items around our urban areas from the bus and subway to the elevator to the boardroom.  The Rolser shopping trolley is a great winter gift and all season gift that is sure to be used and enjoyed by its owner.  See: https://www.luxgiftsngoods.com/products/unique-home-decor/shopping-trolleys/



Let’s not forget your dog who may be having to spend more time indoors.  Why not give your dog a unique play toy from the LuxGiftsnGoods.com collection.  See our collection at: https://www.luxgiftsngoods.com/products/pets/dogs/dog-play-toys/  The Barking Brunch collection is featured immediately below.  See https://www.luxgiftsngoods.com/shop/pets/dogs/dog-play-toys/barking-brunch-plush-toy-collection/


In contrast, consider see the Safari Toy Collection at: https://www.luxgiftsngoods.com/shop/pets/cats/cat-play-toys/safari-dog-toys/



Let’s not forget our cat owners with one of Oprah’s Favorites.  See our Scratcher The Arty Denim (Mandarin) and our other cat and pet products at Lux Gifts and Goods.It is constructed of FDA certified corrugated recycled paper. Even fiber patterns are higher quality and more durable than industry average and prevents excessive fiber shedding. The cat scratcher is versatile as both a scratcher and lounge. Its unique shape provides variety of scratching surfaces and angles and supports cats’ natural scratching behavior
Thoughtfully designed to fit your living space, this modern and functional cat scratcher is finally something you and your cat can both agree on! See the Cat Scratcher below at: https://www.luxgiftsngoods.com/shop/pets/cats/scratchers/oprah-winfrey-favorites-cat-scratcher-oprah-s-favorite-things/

Whether for a holiday or every day, LuxGiftsnGoods.com is here for you.  SHOP NOW for unique home décor, gourmet foods, pet gifts and wellness items to give you that extra warmth and joy in winter!