Brittle Brothers Peanut Brittle 8 oz.

Eureka, YOU FOUND IT! You just clicked on the most delicious Peanut Brittle on Earth (no joke!) – Brittle Brothers’ Gourmet Peanut Brittle!!!

Brittle Brothers’ has taken the largest nuts grown in the world (Virginia “Supers”) and surrounded them with a 100+ year old savory, buttery brittle recipe to create America’s BEST gourmet peanut brittle. Peanuts are the MOST expensive ingredient in Peanut Brittle, and Sugar is the CHEAPEST! That’s why big Corporations put as few peanuts in their brittle’s as they can get away with. They make more money that way and you lose more teeth. Not us! We have 4x’s more peanuts in our brittle’s than our competition and you are biting into a jumbo peanut, lightly coated in sweet, buttery brittle.

The PERFECT “anytime” gift for any occasion! Gifts for Family, Friends, Clients, Customers and Prospects! Give them the best…give them Brittle Brothers’ Gourmet Peanut Brittle!

Available in 5 oz., 8 oz. And 16 oz. Sizes.