Bring in the Bling: Tell Your Story in Jewelry

Bring in the Bling: Tell your Story in Jewelry How do you tell your story as America gets back to work post pandemic?  Some of us will still be working remotely and conducting multiple meetings via Zoom or Facechat.  Others of use will be returning to a traditional office environment.  The pandemic has been dehumanizing on so many levels keeping many of us from being our best former selves.  The jewelry that you wear helps to tell your personal story, reflect your values and sets you apart from

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Closing Gifts 4 Realtors? Questions answered at

I have had the privilege of being a Realtor for 5 years in metro Nashville, Tennessee prior to starting During that period of time I encountered a wide variety of clientele all of whom were individuals with unique personalities and different needs.

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Gifts 4 the Hard to Please

  I watched my mother try to please her mother-in-law for the duration of her 45 year marriage to my father. It seemed that no matter what the Christmas or birthday gift was or the effort or thought behind the gift there was always something about the gift that was always wrong vs. right. My grandmother even would give me gifts to return months later after the fact, which in turn, did nothing to improve the relationship with her daughter-in-law. Why not ask? What do you want for

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What makes a great cure for the winter blues?  This can vary from person to person and from region to region within the United States.  There are some who relish the cold, crisp weather and grey skies and some who seek eternal sunshine. features 7,500 choices for home, women, men and pets including new offerings for gourmet foods and wellness. Self-care is very important for each of us as we march into Spring.   Our skin is one of our most important organs.  Why not use the wonderful

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Loyalty Gifts for the Loyal Client

When do you give a corporate gift or closing gift to reward your loyal client?  If you have an ongoing relationship with a business that is providing you with significant income whether once or many times, it is always good practice to say "Thank You" in some fashion. Some loyalty and corporate gifts are given during the holiday season only in the form of gift baskets or other gourmet food products. Why not also consider giving these sorts of gifts in the other 11 months where they may

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Michael Mills’ Midlife Makeover: Why I Started Lux by: CEO & Founder Michael J. Mills

What do you do when there is an interruption of everything?  You can either evolve or go extinct like a dinosaur.  Extinction is not an option.  After my mother passed of pro-longed illness in 2016 and my law career of 2+ decades was in ruins, I started e-commerce company and Nashville-based  It was time to reinvent myself and my life and begin again. I had prior success during after the 2008 Recession as an accidental ebay power seller essentially selling everything not nailed down from my home

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