Experience Glass Tasters Kit


Taste with a friend or compare spirits.

Tote, 2 Experience glasses and towel

Imported, Mouth-blown hand-crafted superflint lead-free crystal Experience glasses in in a handy, well insulated leatherette tote, includes microfiber polishing towel. Extra space for cell phone, car keys, cigars and lighter, etc.. The connoisseur’s favorite glass to share with a friend.


Experience retains exactly the same aroma and flavor characteristics of the Artisan, but is expertly mouth-blown and hand-crafted to create a rich and elegant feel by incorporating a heavier base along with a substantial, powerful weight and ‘heft” of antique crystal without the addition of poisonous lead oxide.

Tote Description: Black stain-free-easy-clean leatherette, lined in black sateen, fully cushioned glass protection, carrying handle, D rings for shoulder strap (not included), internal pocket for cell phone, tasting notes, or cigars, etc. Taste with a friend or compare spirits. Experience Glass: Hand-crafted, mouth-blown superflint crystal. Manufacturer: Made in PRC for Arsilica, Inc. (C corp. NV)

Design & Function: Taste and aroma are the truest measure of a spirit’s quality. Alcohol burn overwhelms the truth and spoils the experience. NEAT’s patented technology and science eliminates burn. The award-winning choice of professionals and tastemakers.

The world’s most widely used official judging glass since 2012, over 30 major competitions.  Over 120,000 spirits have been judged in the NEAT glass and over 30,000 medals awarded.  NEAT is how the professionals evaluate spirits.

Experience Glass Specifications

Max bowl diameter: 3.16 in
Max rim diameter: 3.15 in
Height: 2.90 in
Vol at max diameter (best fill): 1.5 oz
Vol to rim (max cap):  7.3 oz
Weight:  6.7 oz

Tote Specifications

Glass, Microfiber Towel, prepacked in Tote
Product Size L x W x H: 7.3” x 5.5” x 3.5”
Shipping Box L x W x H:  8” x 8” x 4”
Shipping Box Weight: 3 1⁄2 lbs

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